A major transformation has shaken the media and entertainment business over the past 10 years. It’s hard to imagine another industry that has experienced the same major shift. Disruption is a natural part of business, of course, but the pace of change in media and entertainment trends has been breathtaking. It’s not that running a media or entertainment business was easy 10 years ago, but the industry had the game plan down: Create content, distribute it and hope it finds an audience that pays for it and advertisers that pay for eyeballs. Wash, rinse, repeat. That model has changed dramatically. The bad news is: It got much more complex.

  • Media companies must first Personalize their engagement, delivering a 1:1 consumer journey everywhere.
  • Second, they must futureproof their major revenue streams. Simplifying the subscription journey for consumers so that it is a frictionless experience for consumers is critical. This helps translate consumer engagement into revenue faster than competition. While direct-to- consumer is a massive growth opportunity and imperative, media companies should continue to drive ad revenue fast. To this end, they should simplify the the ad sales journey for internal teams but also think about how they can build holistic consumer profiles that makes their audience attractive for advertisers and their rising demands.
  • Lastly, media companies need a future proofed platform that allows IT to stay ahead of the changing demands of business and drive innovation in the form of new engagement models.


  • Client/Agency onboarding with faster KYC process, while managing records with custom approval processes for each customer segment.
  • Bringing information from stand alone on-prem applications on customer, ad-sales packages to a value chain to offer media plans.
  • Managing the account map within the sales team for value based smarter selling.
  • Lack of data driven campaign planning, execution and optimization.

Salesforce for Media:

  • Drive Operational Excellence and Maximize Revenue. Complete CRM integrated with inventory and rights systems so sellers can work from one platform.
  • Unify Sales and Marketing to Grow Pipeline Faster. Leverage lead scoring to prioritize follow-up, automate marketing and drive ROI with real time reporting.
  • Sell Smarter with Intelligence at Every Stage Predictive intelligence to spot trends, account insights to anticipate customer needs and intelligence to drive smarter cycles.
  • KYC Onboarding with custom processes
  • Intelligent Analytics

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