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Even though the term CRM is generally used in conjunction with more-traditional B2C and B2B organizations, the truth is that almost every real estate company uses CRM software in some capacity. But when it comes to Co-working spaces; agents generally find themselves having to juggle many different clients at once, and these clients need to be easily distinguished from one another. An effective real estate CRM should be more than just a database of clients; the best real estate CRM should be an intuitive, customizable tool designed to be able to automate certain important functions, maintain a workspace for multiple teams to collaborate and engage with a more personalized experience with its clients.


  • Disconnected marketing, sales, and service to onboard, engage, re-engage, sell and support.
  • Customer expectations are higher, wants to pay less. Agents need smart sell by having all the inventory on their fingertips.
  • Fast turn around quotes, contracts and approvals for faster closures.
  • Timely, knowledgeable and helpful support.
  • Facility services need to maintain expectations for repeat business.

Salesforce for Reality:

  • Simple, Reliable, highly Customizable and flexible and integrated with existing systems and processes.
  • Connected customer engagement: Email/Social/Web for generating high quality leads and pipeline.
  • Unify Sales and Marketing to Grow Pipeline Faster. Close the deals faster with a 360 deg view of customer requirements and onboarding with a near paperless process
  • Drive Operational Excellence and Maximize Revenue. Complete CRM integrated with inventory, quote and price management. Have sellers & service can work from one platform for up-sell & cross-sell
  • Intelligent Analytics

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