SAP Salesforce Integration

Uses and benefits of SAP & Salesforce integration

Integration between SAP and Salesforce is used to synchronize data between the two systems. For instance, when information for a new customer is entered into Salesforce, it is important that this data is made available in a timely manner for financials, performance management, and other business functions managed by SAP. Other SAP-Salesforce integration uses include:

SAP to Salesforce:

  • Product List
  • Product Price
  • Inventory
  • Assets List
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Invoice
  • Payment Information

Salesforce to SAP:

  • Closed won Opportunities
  • Account
  • Contact

When SAP and Salesforce are properly integrated, companies are able to streamline and fully automate their business processes. Companies further benefit from SAP and Salesforce integration in the following ways:

  • Elimination of the need for dual data entry, saving time and money
  • Fewer data redundancies and errors caused by manual data entry
  • Enhanced agility to act on new information quickly

How can we do integration

Integration Platform we can use

  • Mulesoft
  • Boomi
  • Informatica
  • Custom Development

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