Softwares Testing

Softwares Testing

Do you want your software to have high security, advanced features & optimum performance, and run smoothly on different devices? Get Fluent Technologies’ best-in-domain software testing services.

Our software testing company helps you maintain high performance levels consistently so as to enhance your cyber security.

When you hire testing experts from our software testing company in India, you get freedom from bugs, software issues, bad UI/UX, etc.

We have helped lots of businesses in quality engineering and testing solutions.

Software Testing

Our Software Testing Services

Our software testing & QA company in India is specialized in ensuring that your web and mobile app is free of issues. We want your users to have a friction-less experience through our wide array of software testing services.

Responsive Testing

With responsive web design, more-and-more customers can enjoy optimal viewing experiences across a wide array of devices. In responsive testing services, we check the responsiveness of any web/mobile app.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Technology advancements and emerging platforms in web and mobile space have created a nightmare for software or app development teams. In this testing, our experts check desired performance of web/mobile app on each platform.

Web/Mobile App Testing

The main challenge with the web app is that it should be compatible with all the browsers and operating systems. Mobile app testing service is performed to maintain the performance of the app across different devices.

Enterprise App Testing

With an extensive user base using different modules in real time, it is crucial to understand the performance, user acceptance and security of such enterprise web/mobile apps apart from functionality.

Functional Testing

This testing is widely used for strengthening the software quality. Functional testing analysis process involves various testing activities that measure the code of each component in order to assure quality.

Software Performance Testing

Our performance testing services help to find out the bottlenecks of software impacting the quality and the caliber so that your web/mobile app can endure heavy loads.

Tools and Technologies

Our Software testers make use of advanced tools and testing technologies to provide you only bug-free and best solutions as per your specific business needs.

Functional Testing

Cross-Platform Testing

Security Testing

Configuration Testing

Data Migration Testing

Compatibility Testing

UI & Usability Testing

Load And Stress Testing

Acceptance Testing

Integration Testing

Software Testing

Advantages of Software Testing Service with Flucent Technologies

Flucent Technologies offers a host of benefits that make software testing service hassle free. Here is why you should hire Flucent Technologies for QA & Testing.

Expert Software Testers

We are backed by experienced software quality testing engineers having in-depth expertise in different industries and provide best-in-domain software quality testing solutions.

Complete Software Testing

When you choose Flucent Technologies as your preferred software testing partner, you get complete software testing solutions under one roof. We provide complete consulting and testing solutions.

On-time Project Delivery

We follow agile methodology and use proven tools to ensure optimum execution and timely delivery of your project. Here, you will get completely bug free and optimized software.

Easy Communication

We provide smooth communication to our clients so that they can easily see and provide feedback to their ongoing project. We use all the latest communication tools to ensure flawless conversation.

24×7 Availability

Maximum client contentment is our primary goal; therefore, we are always available to answer your query. Also, you'll also not face any cultural and language difference with us.

Advanced Testing Facilities

Our software facilities are state-of-the-art. We use latest software testing tools and techniques to ensure best-in-class solutions to our prestigious customers.

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